Thursday, 10 March 2011

No Bird Watching

Borough Market

Lee Valley Camping & Caravan Park

Pictures from Dead Space


Now these 9 worts have power against 9 magic outcasts,
against 9 venoms,
against 9 flying vile things,
against the loathed things that over land rove.
Against the red venoms,
against the stinking venom,
against the white venom,
against the blue venom,
against the yellow venom,
against the green venom,
against the dusky venom,
against the Crown venom,
against the purple venom,
against the worm blister,
against water blister,
against thorn blister,
against thistle blister,
against ice blister, against venom blister.
If any venom came flying from the EAST
or any came from NORTH
or any came from SOUTH
or any came from WEST over mankind
4 alone know a running river,
and nine serpents behold (him).
All weeds must now worts give way,
seas may dissolve and all salt water.
With I this venom from thee blow.